Andrew created first rate marketing material for international TV trade shows on any number of productions in any number of genres. He handled all the creative – writing, design, the works. He helped shape and focus the shows themselves to fit the needs of the marketplace. He then fit each into an overall marketing and promotional vision for the company. He even helped pitch the shows to buyers around the world… Simply put, Andrew Peck is smart, fast, versatile and above all creative. If you’re looking for any or all of those skill sets – he’s your man.

Larry LeClair, President, Seahorse Entertainment Worldwide


Andrew Peck & Milkshake have been instrumental in the brand development of our company. We first began working together in 2001 before opening and within two years I believe we were established as a premier destination Inn, Spa and Restaurant. In fact my oldest friend remarked to me recently that he described our company as “the Nike” of boutique hotels. I view that as the quintessential tribute to a marketer.

Bob Milling, Founder & President, The Wakefield Mill Inn & Spa


Since having met Andrew five years ago, I have been impressed by his enthusiasm, insight and creativity. Andrew has helped bring WaterCan’s brand to a new level and he has been a pleasure to work with.

Gary Pluim, Executive Director, WaterCan


For the Low Down, the power of Andrew Peck and Milkshake boils down to numbers. I run a weekly community newspaper in West Quebec. Andrew Peck told me if we did a really well thought out redesign and marketing campaign we would make more money through increased advertisement, and we’d probably win a few awards. Andrew guided us through a complete overhaul, patiently holding my hand through what was a monumental change, the entire way. The result: in the following two years, our advertising revenue increased by more than 25 per cent. At our provincial newspaper association’s awards gala, we were shortlisted for 8 of 32 awards the first year, 10 the next, blowing away our competition. To say I am impressed with Andrew’s skill and know-how, is an understatement.

Nikki Mantell, Publisher, The Low Down to Hull and Back News


Andrew produced a vast array of new communications and marketing tools to increase our profile nation-wide and brought stakeholders from around the world to support our social awareness drives. He was always an articulate and passionate champion for the best of what our organization had to offer and the importance of international development work. I strongly support and appreciate his work ethic, professionalism and creative approach to marketing and communications.

David Comerford, Director of External Affairs, CUSO


From strategy to implementation, Andrew gave our organization an entirely new perspective on our branding, marketing and public relations plans. Always infused with abounding enthusiasm, Andrew gave many hours of his time to understanding our context and then developing appropriate tools and measures to help us be the best at what we do. The results were clear: our image was professionalized, our audience grew and we looked fantastic!

Tamara Kater, Executive Director, The Ottawa Folk Festival

Je suis propriétaire du Restaurant La Maison Earle 1880, M. Andrew Peck a travaillé en tant que consultant auprès de notre entreprise pour bâtir le volet marketing du restaurant. Pendant quatre années son effort et son soutien constant a apporté une valeur ajoutée au développement de notre restaurant. Son travail a été très apprécié et nous a permis d’être connus sur une plus grande échelle. De plus, son professionnalisme et ses conseils judicieux ont permis de cibler la clientèle visée par l’entreprise, et d’aller chercher une clientèle plus stable et élargie. Merci Andrew, tu es passionné et les résultats sont phénoménaux.

Lucie St-Martin Lesage, Owner, La Maison Earle Restaurant

Andrew is extremely professional and always eager to improve an image. He is directionally focused with an end in sight and will advise you on key ways to grow your business all the while keeping your identity true to your company. Very experienced and fun to work with.

Eva Cooper, Owner & Operator, Boutique Burro Borracho

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